Welcome to vintage cranes!

The Vintage Crane Association (Nos­tu­ri­his­to­rial­li­nen Seura ry) is an association for people who are interested in vintage cranes and methods that were used in former days. Our meaning is to act as a forum for the people who have made their career with cranes.

This association was founded in 2020 and it`s activities are, among other things, the preservation of vintage cranes and also documenting the history of cranes, methods and people who have worked in this interesting field. Everything is worth writing down whether the story is big or small.

This association will work in close co-operation with manufacturers, entrepreneurs, operators and mechanics. We will have good relations with other vintage associations as well. Activities of this association can be seen on this website, but also in many other events and happenings.

It is already determined that the association will publish a book that will tell you everything of the Finnish LOKOMO-cranes. In the book we can see the first protypes from 1960’s, the successmodels from 1970’s and we also get to read how the last LOKOMO-cranes were made in the 1990’s.

Come and apply for a membership. Every person, company or society is welcome to be a member of this enthusiastic group.